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Our Refund Policy

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Refunds Policy

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer . Knowing what our priorities are is key and when we are collecting Study resources or anything else the fundamental goal is to get more customers. But what are our priorities? It is easy to say our top priority is getting customers, but no. it is to satisfy customers .

Because It is not just just getting more customers, it is also retaining the acquired customers. And retaining them as happy customers. We do business in a market where there is both competition and disruption and customers have choices. So priority is to satisfy customers. That is if you want to keep them. You cannot trick them. 

How do customers get satisfied? Customers are satisfied through a range of things like their needs being met to the feeling that they are getting value for what they pay. Also knowing that they are important to you as a company in the whole scheme of things.

If you are not satisfied with our materials and you give a clear reason for us , we ensure you that you are going to get refunded in full . 

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