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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I pay online ?
    We are hosting our site on a secure server. Our principle Payment gateway is Stripe and PayPal . You can pay either using your Credit Card or You can pay using your PayPal .
  • How soon will I get my eBook ?
    After the purchase, you'll get an instant link to download your eBook and save it on your device .
  • Accessing My Textbook Is It temporary Or Permanent ?
    Once your payment is completed you will be able to download a PDF or EPUB version of your eBook and you can save it on your device to use it later.
  • Can I Request A Refund?
    Yes , We have a nice refund policy. If it’s a genuine mistake or problem (emphasis on genuine please), we will refund you!
  • Why do I need to register on the site before I can place an order ?
    Establishing an online account with Ebook4y assures you that your purchasing information is secure, confidential and accessible to you. Once you establish an account, you will only need to sign-in to place an order in the future, check on the status of your current order, view past purchases or update your profile information.
  • What if I can't find what I'm looking for?
    If you can't find the textbook you are looking for . Drop us a message with the textbook name and ISBN. and we will work to get a digital version of it for you .
  • Is It Safe To Purchase From eBook4y ?
    As we mentioned before we are hosting our site on a very secure server . All your data is going to be secured and reserved . also to receive online payment we use a secure third party payment platform that is Stripe . and for more secure payment some of our customers use PayPal .
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